Expecting Twins

Expecting Twins



Support for mothers pregnant with twins or higher order multiples

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Welcome to Expecting Twins!

Finding out I was expecting twins was the biggest shock of my life.  When the doctor doing the ultrasound said the words, "I see two heads...," my stomach did a couple of flips and I felt like all the oxygen was suddenly zapped from my body.  A wide range of emotions ran through me from shock, to excitement, to extreme nervousness and despair.  Would I be able to handle caring for two babies?  Would I even be able to carry two babies to term?  I had a lot of questions and concerns. 

I spent my pregnancy preparing for my double bundle of joy.  I read twin books, scoured the web for twin information, and gained support by posting on twin message boards.  By the time my boys arrived, I could have had a doctor's degree in 'twinology.'
  Did that mean my transition from childless woman to mother of two newborns was an easy one?  Certainly not.  But all the information I gained gave me strength to make it through the hard times.  And while there were many hard times, there were also many blessings, as I watched my two beautiful babies grow.  Now as I look at my boys, I can't imagine not having two at once.   It just wouldn't be as wonderful!

I hope you will find this site helpful in getting through your twin pregnancy and preparing for the joys and challenges to come. 

mommy to Colin and Ryan, identical twin boys born March 28, 2003



A double blessing is on its way